D.C. Workspaces: Trove
Trove office space in DC
November 28, 2014

Trove, a digital news innovation group that makes a social news app, operates in an open, funky-ceilinged office on the ninth floor of a building in Washington D.C. located directly across 15th Street from The Washington Post.

The location makes sense since Trove was originally a research and development lab for The Post. But Trove separated from the Post when the newspaper was sold to Jeff Bezos, and it is now part of Graham Holdings, the company formerly known as The Washington Post. Trove makes a website and app that carry the same name and use a hybrid of aggregation, algorithms and user-interactions to create news digests tailored to the interests of each user.

Their office decor prioritizes bright colors and dim, comfortable lighting.


The group shares office space with another digital media startup owned by Graham Holdings, called Social Code. Trove’s side of the floor holds about 30 designers, researchers, engineers, editors and developers who make up Trove’s social news team.

At the entrance, a fun sign on the floor instructs visitors on how to break dance.

A key feature of the decorative motif are half walls that pen in the office space and have wooden slats above them.


The half walls contain horizontal troughs on the ends, which are filled with grass so green that it looks fake (maybe it is.) The green troughs add to the organically hip feel of the office.

Of course, no tech innovation space is complete without whiteboard walls strewn with notes and drawings.

Another fun touch is the large, bright red chairs, which curve inward and make people sitting in them feel they are in a private space.

The chairs accent the hangout area of the office, which also includes other comfortable chairs, foosball and a basketball game.


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