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11 Holiday Gifts for Journalists and Geeks
AJR editors and reporters scoured the web to find out what journalists really want from Santa in 2014.
Bangkok protest
Internet Freedom Declines Globally, Report Says
Internet freedom has suffered setbacks in dozens of countries around the world this year, a report from democracy watchdog...
Photo by Pete O'Shea via the Creative Commons license on Flickr.
Vice, and the Trend of First-Person Journalism
Vice writers tell first-person accounts of newsworthy events, as well as their own harrowing life experiences.
Off the record
Off the Record, But Online
As Uber executives found out, off the record interactions aren't as simple as they might sound.
Facts word art
Rumors, Lies and the Internet: 7 Questions...
Silverman discusses how rumors spread quickly on the Internet, how to spot them and how to correct them.
Miami Herald Nov. 25, 2014 front page the day after a grand jury chose not to charge Darren Wilson with the murder of Michael Brown.
Front Pages after the Ferguson ‘No Indictment’...
Newspapers all over the country led with Monday night's grand jury decision in Ferguson, Mo. But some gave it...
Ahmed Deeb, freelance photographer.
Freelance War Photographers: On Their Own in...
As American news organizations have slashed their budgets for foreign news, freelance photographers have picked up the slack, assuming...
music concert
Are Professional Music Critics an Endangered Species?
The role of professional music critics is changing as digital music and social media transform the industry.
Corrections and errors
2 Amusing Corrections and a Confession on...
These comical corrections illustrate the challenges news outlets face in trying to explain their errors to readers.
Screenshot of New Republic's look back at  Stephen Glass, 16 years later.
Glass Still ‘Shattered,’ 16 Years Later
The New Republic celebrates its 100 year anniversary with a story revisiting the scandal that rocked the magazine in...
Home page of Sputnik one day after launch.
Sputnik: Russian Propaganda With Some Fluff
Russia is building a new global propaganda media platform it calls Sputnik.
Producers who have helped guide NPR's Morning Edition
NPR’s Morning Edition: Showing That Radio is...
Morning Edition reflects on how the lengthy radio news program sustained its audience in an overwhelmingly digital -- and...
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