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Code of ethics
A New Code: SPJ Struggles to Define...
The first new draft of the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics in 18 years does not go...
Watch Your Language: Swearing in News Stories
Using four-letter words in a guide meant to provide “standards” for news writing might make some squirm, but it’s...
social media
Colleges Monitor, Restrict Athletes on Social Media
University of Maryland journalism students' research uncovers legally questionable policies.
Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley visits the Mall in Columbia after a fatal shooting. Credit: Jay Baker via Creative Commons on Flickr.
Media Shooting Coverage: Is it Fair?
“It places a different value on different lives based on where the homicide occurs." —Kelly McBride, Poynter ethicist
Solving the Mystery of Who Sent That...
A look inside Craig Silverman's Verification Handbook, a guide for reporting crowdsourced information accurately.
Sochi Surveillance: Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock
Surveillance in Sochi: Journalists Warned To Be...
The official snooping in Sochi appears to be a multi-pronged effort involving electronic surveillance, Internet communication and possibly even...
New York Times reporter  James Risen talks with students at the University of Maryland.
Risen’s Case Could Alter Journalism’s Future
New York Times reporter James Risen explains why his long-running legal battle with the federal government could impact the...
A Marathon Freedom of Information Fight
Journallst Seth Rosenfeld fought for decades to obtain hundreds of thousands of pages of FBI documents under the Freedom...
IRS audit
How Outdated IRS Policies Hurt Nonprofit Journalism
News outlets suffer, sometimes fatally, due to a long backlog of applications for tax-exempt status from the IRS.
Blogging about the Mob
A longtime organized crime reporter leaves the Philadelphia Inquirer and blogs for a Web site that provides gavel-to-gavel coverage...
The Supreme Venue for Supreme Court Junkies
SCOTUSblog reporter Lyle Denniston calls his blog "an online clearinghouse for news about the Supreme Court."
The Naked Retweet Dilemma
Retweeting without adding comments or context-should journalists do it? OR are "naked" retweets bad for journalism?
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