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All Together Now: News Partnerships Increase in...
Journalism is growing more collaborative as news outlets increasingly partner, helping them tell more stories on various platforms with...
Law Street Media
Law Street Media Takes Millennials Deeper Into...
Driving young audiences to legal and policy news is the core strategy of Law Street, a DC-based startup.
Mobile messaging
Publishers Test Messaging Apps for News
Rapid growth in messaging apps has sparked a flurry of experimentation in the news industry.
Incubate offers a time-delay messaging service that could be used for storytelling.
Incubate: Time-Delayed ‘Messages with Meaning’
Incubate Messenger lets people send messages up to 25 years into the future. Think about the storytelling possibilities.
Sun-Times Layoffs of Video Staff Come Amid...
The layoffs came as news organizations across the country are investing more in originally-produced video.
CNET, after finding success online, has launched a magazine.
CNET’s Plunge into Print
A successful tech website decides to make the move into print, saying it's still a relevant medium.
music concert
Are Professional Music Critics an Endangered Species?
The role of professional music critics is changing as digital music and social media transform the industry.
Happy, Texas.
Must Reads: A New Home for Happy...
AJR editors and writers share their favorite reads of the week.
USA Today photo by Vincent Desjardins via the Creative Commons license on Flickr.
‘It Was a Total Bloodbath:’ USA Today...
The USAT layoffs were abrupt and included many senior staffers.
Crave the clack-clack of a typewriter? There's finally an app for that, thanks to Tom Hanks.
Must Reads: Adorably Awesome Typewriter App and...
AJR editors share their favorite reads of the week.
AJR's must reads include wise words from an editor at the Atlantic and thoughts on anonymous commenters.
Must Reads: ‘Keep Your Soul’ and the...
Must reads include: A study on trolls and female journalists, a new app that could drive traffic to news...
Could the Yo app help drive traffic to news stories?
The Yo App: Ridiculous or Revolutionary?
Can a simple app drive traffic to news stories? Several news organizations are trying to find out.
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