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A new app being pioneered in San Francisco tells stories based on a listener's location.
New ‘Podcast’ App Tells Stories Based on...
Detour is a new audio app that tells location-based stories on people's smartphones.
Snapchat has released a new update called "Discover" that takes it beyond selfies and into news.
The Creative and Offbeat Ways Journalists Are...
Several news organizations are experimenting with how to bring news to Snapchat users.
The Apple Watch is expected to be available to the general public in early 2015.
2015: The Year of the Smartwatch?
News industry professionals speculate on whether the watch could pull more mobile eyeballs to headlines.
Cory Blair and typewriter
My Torturous Week of Writing Only on...
To peek into journalism's past, I found a 1940's-era typewriter and used it for one week.
Wearable technology, photo via COM SOLUD, via Creative Commons license on Flickr.
Let’s Start Talking About a Radically Different...
A senior vice president of the Newseum offers up a vision for a news media overhaul.
Could the Yo app help drive traffic to news stories?
The Yo App: Ridiculous or Revolutionary?
Can a simple app drive traffic to news stories? Several news organizations are trying to find out.
AJR photo illustration by Sarah Siguenza.
Reporting on Ferguson ‘Without Hysteria,’ but ‘With...
The St. Louis Post-Dispatch has honed its digital strategy amid record amounts of traffic to its website for coverage...
TV Networks Command Double-Digit Web Traffic Growth...
Networks said they are breaking down the walls that once separated TV and digital to produce more compelling video...
Participants experiment with Google Glass at the recent Journalism Interactive conference at the University of Maryland.
How Journalism Professors Are Bringing Google Glass...
"What we're teaching when we're teaching first-person perspective is how to see life through a source's eyes."
Mobile devices
10 Ways to Teach Mobile Journalism
Example: Find a non-news app each week and explain what lesson it has for journalistic applications and mobile storytelling.
The Sochi Winter Olympic Games.
Sochi Streaming: More Viewers Are Watching Live
Sochi has continued a transition from primetime TV coverage of the games to constant, multi-platform presentation of the action.
The UCLA App Lab Experiment
UCLA Student Media is charting new territory with its app lab, which has generated $35,000 in revenue so far.
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