Are the Rules Different When Tweeting Under Fire?
LAX Shooting
November 14, 2013

Do the “rules” of reporting change when a journalist is thrust unexpectedly in the middle of  public gun violence?

Fox Sports columnist Bill Reiter put it all to the test, gathering both praise and criticism for the 129 tweets he published in the hours he was stuck at Los Angeles International Airport  Nov. 1 after authorities said a man walked into Terminal 3 with a duffel bag and opened fire.

Reiter was sitting in a corner near gate 33b when he heard the screaming.

Then he saw a crowd of people. They were all running away from the sounds of rapid gunfire.


(Video courtesy of a cell phone video obtained by TMZ)

Reiter dove under a bench. Amid the screams around him, he realized: He could very likely die.

Thinking this might be “goodbye,” he pick up his phone and dialed his wife to tell her he loved her.

Seconds later, Reiter joined a throng of people that pushed their way onto the tarmac outside.


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