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Trove office space in DC
D.C. Workspaces: Trove
A look inside the Trove office space.
Mary Carpenter My Little Bird
D.C. Workspaces: My Little Bird
AJR takes a look inside the home office of a D.C. based news startup. operates from a fun, playful, renovated factory in Washington, D.C.
D.C. Workspaces: BrightestYoungThings
The web magazine and marketing agency has several quirky touches in its office space.
Growing Data Journalism in the U.K.
How long will it take for data journalism to to become an everyday practice in newsrooms?
Malnutrition inforgraphic
Developing Data Journalism in the Developing World
Growing an open data community is a key first step to promoting data journalism, especially in the developing world.
Computer code
How Hackers Can Help Journalists Do Their...
BBC News Labs has developed two innovative tools to automate common journalistic tasks.
Twitter Trails website
Tool Helps Journalists Track Source of False...
Before pressing "retweet," consider using a new tool to help assess whether a tweet is true or false.
How News Organizations Can Rethink Rankings
News organizations should be more transparent about how they rank things like colleges, cities or the best places to...
Using Citizen Journalists to Find Rumors (and...
How can journalists find what's spreading -- and understand who it may have reached -- when more than 400...
Facts illustration
Turning Computers into Fact-Checkers
Using computers to automatically fact-check claims could free up journalists to do more complicated work.
Sensors, Internet of things
Teaching Journalism Students to Report with Sensors
Columbia's Tow Center for Digital Journalism held a month-long workshop to teach students how to use sensor journalism to...
Artificial intelligence
How Artificial Intelligence Helped Me Investigate Textbook...
The Story Discovery Engine can help beat reporters find stories in data.
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