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Baltimore riots
How the Media Covered the Baltimore Riots
Journalists covering the Baltimore riots became part of the story. Here’s a look at the wide-ranging media coverage.
Fact checking
Getting it Right: Fact-Checking in the Digital...
The American Press Institute is working to improve best practices in news fact-checking.
mobile photos
Newspapers Hunt for New Readers on Instagram
Newspapers are using Instagram to introduce themselves to new readers more than to drive traffic to their websites.
copy editors
Will Automated Copy Editors Replace Human Ones?
Copy editors may face an existential crisis as newsrooms staffs shrink and automated editing programs like Grammarly step in...
Surfing the Internet on a desktop computer
Confessions of a Clickbait Victim
'As an 18-year-old journalism student, I was surprised at the lack of hard news I clicked on.'
Inside the WTOP Traffic Center
Reporting on traffic is its "own animal," say the journalists who cover crashes and more at WTOP.
Ky Harlin, data scientist at BuzzFeed, studies the factors that makes content go viral.
BuzzFeed’s Secret Weapon: Ky Harlin
Ky Harlin is the data scientist behind the secret formulas that predict which stories at BuzzFeed will go viral...
Beyond Paywalls, New Ways to Charge for...
There is no one-size-fits-all way to charge for news, experts say. After trying paywalls, news outlets are experimenting with...
Recruiters List Top 3 Application Turn-offs
There are few things that grate on the nerves of hiring editors more than spelling, grammar or fact errors. “If...
3 Great Mobile Journalism Tools
Jeremy Caplan, from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, points to some of the hottest gadgets for mobile journalists.
Breathing New Life into Old Stories
Longform’s curse is that you don’t have to read it now. And yet its beauty stems from the same...
Rob Hart teaches a photojournalism class at Northwestern University.
‘Identity Crisis’ in Photojournalism
This advent of the new Super Journalist, the photographer who writes and the writer who takes photographs, is creating...
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