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A man wears Google Glass to a movie premiere in Los Angeles.
Google Glass: A New Frontier for Journalism?
How will journalists use Google Glass? Early adopters say Glass works particularly well for first-person video storytelling, point-of-view shots...
Breathing New Life into Old Stories
Longform’s curse is that you don’t have to read it now. And yet its beauty stems from the same...
Union members fill the Michigan Capitol building.
Anne Savage: ‘Visual Journalists Are As Important...
Photojournalist Anne Savage says "Visual journalists are as important as ever, if not more so, in the information age,...
Rob Hart teaches a photojournalism class at Northwestern University.
‘Identity Crisis’ in Photojournalism
This advent of the new Super Journalist, the photographer who writes and the writer who takes photographs, is creating...
All About the Participation
User participation is the key to new media and this exhibit at the Newseum.
Artist drawing a cartoon.
In the Digital Realm, New Hope for...
As newspapers shrink editorial cartoon staffs, the Internet offers new hope for digital cartoonists.
GIFs in News: More Than Just the...
"There’s no reason that a 16-year-old on his skateboard Snapchatting shouldn’t be able to understand what foreign policy is...
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