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The Sochi Winter Olympic Games.
Sochi Streaming: More Viewers Are Watching Live
Sochi has continued a transition from primetime TV coverage of the games to constant, multi-platform presentation of the action.
The UCLA App Lab Experiment
UCLA Student Media is charting new territory with its app lab, which has generated $35,000 in revenue so far.
Ezra Klein Promises ‘Context’ With New Publication
Ezra Klein, the 'Prince of D.C. Media,' is starting a new publication with Vox Media, which owns The Verge...
New Media Pioneer Rethinks How We ‘Pin’...
Newspeg, a website launched in January allows people to pin — or rather, to “peg” — articles to virtual...
Screenshot from Stateless Media
Pushing the Boundaries of Storytelling Through the...
Journalist Peter Savodnik has created the concept of a “shortreal,” an 11-minute film that he said “marries the storytelling...
Ky Harlin, data scientist at BuzzFeed, studies the factors that makes content go viral.
BuzzFeed’s Secret Weapon: Ky Harlin
Ky Harlin is the data scientist behind the secret formulas that predict which stories at BuzzFeed will go viral...
Will a Generation of Paywall-Jumpers Pay for...
The generation that paid for iTunes might just pay for news, some say.
Beyond Paywalls, New Ways to Charge for...
There is no one-size-fits-all way to charge for news, experts say. After trying paywalls, news outlets are experimenting with...
Google Consumer Surveys Bring Revenue to News
News organizations not ready to commit to a paywall are asking readers to answer a survey question before getting...
Onion screenshot
How Will An Online-Only Onion Make Money?
Has The Onion found the magic sauce for making money online? Turns out, the company is making 90 percent...
Freelancers: There is Work for You
A wave of freelance marketplaces has cropped up to satisfy the growing demand for professional content online. Newsmodo,...
Robot Writers and the Digital Age
"Tens of Millions" of stories are generated by computers every year. The ability of software robots to write at...
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