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AJR Illustration
News Outlets Ramp Up Breaking News Alerts
News services are increasing their focus on mobile alerts, sparked partly by new technology.
Copy editing
Making the Leap Into Freelance Copy Editing
After leaving newspapers, these copy editors are thriving as freelancers. Here's how they did it---and tips on how to...
Ahmed Deeb, freelance photographer.
Freelance War Photographers: On Their Own in...
As American news organizations have slashed their budgets for foreign news, freelance photographers have picked up the slack, assuming...
USA Today photo by Vincent Desjardins via the Creative Commons license on Flickr.
‘It Was a Total Bloodbath:’ USA Today...
The USAT layoffs were abrupt and included many senior staffers.
A drone flies through the 2014 Journalism Interactive Conference in College Park, Md.
Scared of Technology? Try This: ‘Pick One...
'Stop trying to figure it all out – it’s impossible, no one can do it.' - Matt Waite, the...
Surfing the Internet on a desktop computer
Confessions of a Clickbait Victim
'As an 18-year-old journalism student, I was surprised at the lack of hard news I clicked on.'
Pinterest: Not just a virtual collection of pretty things. It can be a powerful information organizing tool for journalists.
Pinterest a Growing Option for News Outlets
Some news organizations say they plan to use Pinterest more this year as part of their social media strategy.
Inside the WTOP Traffic Center
Reporting on traffic is its "own animal," say the journalists who cover crashes and more at WTOP.
Ky Harlin, data scientist at BuzzFeed, studies the factors that makes content go viral.
BuzzFeed’s Secret Weapon: Ky Harlin
Ky Harlin is the data scientist behind the secret formulas that predict which stories at BuzzFeed will go viral...
3 Great Mobile Journalism Tools
Jeremy Caplan, from the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, points to some of the hottest gadgets for mobile journalists.
Breathing New Life into Old Stories
Longform’s curse is that you don’t have to read it now. And yet its beauty stems from the same...
Google Consumer Surveys Bring Revenue to News
News organizations not ready to commit to a paywall are asking readers to answer a survey question before getting...
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